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From running targeted campaigns to reaching high-intent shoppers, we are here to support you in achieving all of your business goals in order to grow effectively.

Benefits of partnering with ShopBack

Pay for performance
You'll only get charged when a user completes a sale, thus maximizing your return on ad spend.
Reach new customers at scale
ShopBack users are made up of a large group of online shoppers who display high purchasing intent.
Elevate your customer's experience
Create rewarding experiences with upsized campaigns and challenges designed to help your customers earn as they shop.

How Online
Cashback works

Users discover your brand on the ShopBack app or website.
ShopBack then redirects the users to your app or website.
Users complete a purchase on your app or website as per usual.
Once a successful sale is made, a commission fee is charged to you as payment to ShopBack.
ShopBack shares the commission with your customers as cashback.

Capture your target audience's attention with high-impact assets that are designed to help you stand out from the crowd.

Maximise your campaign's reach with premium placements
Category page
Increase discoverability amongst relevant category shoppers
Campaign page
Spotlight seasonal campaigns and drive high value redirects

Allow your customers to purchase vouchers or gift cards via their credit card, debit card or existing cashback while earning instant cashback on each purchase.

Drive online to offline traffic
Bridge the gap between online and offline by re-directing online shoppers to your store.
Risk free
Vouchers will be pre-purchased upfront and no lock-in agreement is required.
Targeted rewards
Drive incremental sales by rewarding specific customer groups with a bonus gift card via our segmentation tool.
Frequently asked questions
How do I drive sales through ShopBack?

ShopBack helps drive sales for our merchants by leveraging its extensive user base and cashback incentives. As a trusted platform with a large community of engaged shoppers, ShopBack provides merchants with access to a broader audience, increasing their customer acquisition potential. By offering attractive cashback rewards, ShopBack incentivizes customers to make purchases through the platform, leading to higher conversion rates and incremental sales for our merchants. Through strategic marketing initiatives and promotions, ShopBack ensures that merchants receive increased visibility, attracting more customers and driving sales growth.

What is the commercial/commission structure?

The commercial/commission structure for merchants on ShopBack may vary depending on the specific agreement and partnership terms. ShopBack operates on a revenue-sharing model. Merchants agree to provide a certain percentage of the transaction value as a commission to ShopBack for each successful sale generated through the platform. Reach out to us to find out more!

How do I integrate with ShopBack?

To integrate with ShopBack, you can choose one of the following methods:

Direct Integration through Cookieless Pixel: Implement a cookieless pixel provided by ShopBack on your website. This involves adding a code snippet to your website's pages, allowing ShopBack to track customer transactions and attribute them to the appropriate cashback rewards.

Server Integration: Set up a server-to-server integration with ShopBack. This involves exchanging transaction data directly between your server and ShopBack's server using APIs or webhooks. This method enables real-time tracking and ensures accurate attribution of cashback rewards.

App-to-App Integration: If you have a mobile app, you can integrate with ShopBack through an app-to-app integration. This involves incorporating the necessary SDKs and APIs into your app's code to enable tracking and attribution of transactions made through the app.

Integration via an Affiliate Network: If you are already part of an affiliate network that has a partnership with ShopBack, you can integrate through that network. Connect with your affiliate network and follow their guidelines for integrating with ShopBack.

The specific integration method may depend on your technical capabilities, resources, and the platform you're using. It's recommended to consult with the technical documentation and support resources provided by ShopBack to ensure a smooth integration process.

What happens when an order is cancelled or refunded?

When an order is cancelled or refunded, ShopBack has a validation process in place to ensure that commissions are not paid on refunded orders. This process helps prevent merchants from paying commissions on transactions that did not result in a completed sale. ShopBack verifies the status of the order and checks for any cancellations or refunds before finalizing commission payouts. By implementing this validation process, ShopBack ensures that merchants are only charged commissions on valid and completed transactions, maintaining fairness and accuracy in the commission structure.

What type of ShopBack Ads are available?

Regardless of your business goals, we've got you covered with prime assets that are designed to help you increase your reach, engagement and conversion objectives. Click here to view the list of ShopBack Ads that are available.

What makes ShopBack Ads effective?

By advertising with ShopBack, you'll be able to tap into our active user base and gain deep insights on shopping behavior and preferences. This helps you in targeting the right audiences based on attributes, intent or past spend.

How do I sign up to be a merchant partner or to advertise with ShopBack?

Simply complete the form shown above and a ShopBack representative will get back to you via email to discuss your needs.

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With ShopBack, we've seen a significant growth in the number of orders placed and average order value during key campaign periods. Beyond that, ShopBack also provides us with data that helps us better target our audiences for the next campaign.

Ronald Eng
Senior Marketing Executive at Royal T Group

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