At Waistlab, founder Alif Adam wants to empower the modern woman. He has been doing so with his label’s extensive assortment of waist trainers, which help women who wear them promote the right body posture and suppress appetite.

The Women of Waistlabs, he says, comprise individuals of various backgrounds and age groups. From women wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle to new mothers looking to get back in shape, Waistlab’s garments, which are made using latex and lined with cotton for maximum comfort, are tailored for mobility and breathability.

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Today, the 25-year-old remains pragmatic about his goals for his four-year-old label. “I want to focus on making high-quality products and be very detailed in the way I run the business, all the way from manufacturing to how our products reach the customers,” he says.

“I also wanted to make Waistlab accessible to anyone and everyone.”

To do so, he has enlisted the help of hoolah, Asia’s leading omni-channel “Buy now, pay later” platform. For Alif and Waistlab, this enlistment sees tangible returns in the form of having more conversions and greater accessibility.

“When I read about hoolah, I found that it was really amazing that we can pay with installments without having to pay interest,” Alif says, noting how doing so enabled more customers to now responsibly afford Waistlab’s waist trainers.
“hoolah has not only made it accessible for my customers to purchase our products, but it has also significantly increased our monthly revenue by 25%.”
“I would absolutely recommend hoolah to friends who are starting an online business because why not? It is the best thing ever.”
— Alif Adam, Founder of Waistlab

Alif also revealed an interesting insight. 80% of the hoolah transactions at Waistlab were made using debit cards. This illustrates how even non-credit card owners are able to afford the things they need with interest-free installments. “We also saw an increase in the group of 18 to 25-year-olds on our online store.”