These days, honest reviews on beauty products are widely available online. If you use the internet (which you do, because you are here), you would likely find ranks of beauty experts—from established beauty editors to skincare gurus—taking advantage of the extensive medium to share their opinions. And yet a few decades back, in the 1980s, reviews like those of today were virtually nonexistent.

The Rise of Beauty Giant Paula’s Choice Skincare

Realizing that young women craved authentic (but candid) beauty advice, Paula Begoun, then an investigative journalist who reported on the beauty industry, penned her book, “Blue Eyeshadow Should Be Illegal”, to help.

In the years that followed, the beauty maverick published several great bestsellers, created Beautypedia—a popular review site for beauty products. In 1995, she launched Paula’s Choice Skincare.

Begoun sought to differentiate Paula’s Choice Skincare from other international skincare companies that dotted the beauty industry. Predominantly committed to using research to concoct safe and reliable formulas that address various skincare needs. The label’s products also do away with jars or transparent packaging that could otherwise compromise their quality. More important, Begoun constantly positions the brand to challenge ideas and debunk myths with science. All of these culminate to form the brand’s philosophy:

“Beauty begins with truth.”

Educating Younger Consumers on Instagram

Soon, the curious became the committed. Paula’s Choice Skincare would come to see a cult following of international supporters which comprises women (and men) of various age groups. “In Singapore, our clients are mostly females,” says Sophie Soh, the Marketing Director at Paula’s Choice Skincare Singapore. “But we have noticed that our pool of male clientele has increased.”

In an era of information overload and misinformation, the brand has taken to social media to reach out to the younger demographics to educate and eradicate myths. On Paula’s Choice Skincare Singapore’s Instagram, those who are curious can reach out to skincare experts who answer queries via direct messaging. “Instagram, to us, is not just a marketing platform, it is educational too. The youths today are tech-savvy and they want access to information quickly. More importantly, social media has helped us stay connected with our customers,” Sophie adds. “It is an effective feedback loop.”

“The youths are tech-savvy, they want things quick.”

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Making Skincare Routine Even More Affordable

At Paula’s Choice Skincare, the brand’s educational stance has always been about saving customers the trouble of trying out too many products that may not be great for their skin. “Many younger consumers tend to make impulsive purchases that end up not being a right fit for their skin,” Sophie explains. “We want to make sure that we pair younger customers with the most suitable range of products and when they make a purchase, it’s a purchase that fits them.”

Today, most would come to know of Paula’s Choice Skincare and its extensive arsenal of preventive treatments, including its potent varieties of retinol, antioxidants and exfoliants, for the skin. “But purchasing just one product might not resolve your skin concerns,” Sophie reminds me. Skin conditions, Sophie explains, are more likely to improve with a skincare routine that features a combination of treatments—each of which targets and addresses prevailing skin issues—rather than a single product.

And while Paula’s Choice Skincare has long proffered quality products at affordable price points, those that fall within the 18 and 25-year-old age group, who are assumed to have lower purchasing power, may see trouble affording a complete skincare regime.

The problem then would be to create a solution that enables younger generations of people, who are increasingly knowledgeable and consecutively curious about skincare, to purchase a skincare routine they can afford.

“Purchasing just one product might not resolve your skin concerns.”

Buy Now, Pay Later

Sophie, who was previously a beauty shopper, is, of course, aware of the plethora of instalment payment plans in the market, including hoolah. When it comes to using hoolah’s services, Sophie is especially impressed with its fuss-free sign-ups and seamless checkout. “I was happy using it,” she recalls.

Drawing from the pleasurable experience with hoolah, Paula’s Choice Skincare Singapore was quick to adopt hoolah’s ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ approach into its system. “Younger customers might just be able to afford one product, but it can easily add up if he or she decides to go for a whole routine. Being able to make payments through installments at 0% interest helps resolve the affordability issue, while enabling young customers to enjoy the benefits of an effective skincare routine.” Sophie says.  

“Being able to make payments through installments at 0% interest helps resolve the affordability issue.”

For Paula’s Choice Singapore, hoolah serves to be more than just an e-payment method. “Hoolah is a brand that’s vibrant, engaging, and mindful of the values that its audience and partners care about,” Sophie explains. “That’s what matters the most to us here at Paula’s Choice.”

Sophie concludes, “We are seeing consistent business growth over the months after partnering with hoolah. The numbers do vary by the month, but we are happy to reveal that hoolah complements our marketing efforts which come together to help increase sales.”

“hoolah is a brand that’s vibrant, engaging, and mindful of the values that its audience and partners care about. That’s what matters the most to us here at Paula’s Choice.”

Sophie Soh, Marketing Director at Paula’s Choice Skincare Singapore.